Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?

1 year ago

Dog owners often face a situation when their beloved fluffy friends leave a wet surprise. What is worse, such surprises can be right in your bed! Every dog owner will want to know why their dog pee on the bed.

After a long working day, the scent of urine is not what you are expecting to smell.

For sure, you become out of temper and rail against a dog. However, take it slow and analyze the situation, as there might be some severe problems behind such behavior.

Typical Reasons for Dog to Pee on Your Bed

Dog peeing on the owner’s bed is not an uncommon problem. There are several reasons for such behavior, including submissiveness, owner’s smell, Urinary tract infection, a way to mark its territory, and bad education, when your pup is housebroken poorly.

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Dog owner’s scent

One of the most popular reasons why your pet is peeing on your bed is just because of your familiar smell. If your canine also likes to chew your sneakers or clothes, your scent is an underlying reason for this.

Such behavior has a simple explanation: dogs are searching for some ways to hide their smell so that they can protect themselves from predators. Thus, peeing on your bed, your dog is trying to hide its smell with yours.


Peeing can also be a sign of submissiveness. No matter how odd or funny it sounds, dogs urinate whenever and wherever they want.

Peeing on an owner’s bed is a sign of submissiveness and even respect. Thus, a dog can be scared or excited and wee a little to show you that you are the boss in this house.

However, remember that such behavior is more associated with puppies, and that usually, dogs outgrow this stage of development. Try a waterproof dog blanket for bed and sofa.

Urinary tract infection

Sometimes dog owners notice the following thing: a dog goes to pee, however, right after it goes to your bed and urinates again! It seems like someone did not finish its affair. However, the truth is that your pet may have a health condition known as urinary tract infection.

The disease is painful and gives discomfort to your canine. Do not waste your time if you notice the symptoms of urinary tract infection and go to a vet.

Marking the territory

Male dogs are into marking their territory. If your bed is not the only target of your dog, and the amounts of urine are little - it is marking its territory for sure. For male canine, the place they live in must have got some markings of their smell.

Such behavior is very natural even though it brings in some inconveniences into the owner’s life.

Not housebroken well

Since a very young age, you should teach a dog where it must urinate and what are the forbidden things at your place. Training your canine such fundamental things will ease your life in the future.

If you understand that it is your fault that the dog does not know where to go peeing, you must fix the issue as soon as possible.


One of the simplest yet effective rules is to keep your dog away from the bed. If there is no object to urinate on, there will be no "wet" issue.

When something wrong happens, clean up your mattress and keep the entire bed clean. It is your smell that attracts a dog so much.

Provide your four-legged friend with a proper and safe spot that would entirely belong to it.

Housebreaking is critical and should be implemented since the first days of your dog. You can prevent so many problems, just making it clear for a dog what is allowed and what it is not permitted.

Make sure you do some well-prepared training regarding regime, fresh air walks, and also unwarranted spots at home.