How to Check if Your Dog is Pregnant?

1 year ago

Just like humans, dogs behave and feel differently carrying puppies. And while one girl can look completely normal, the other one will exhibit all the symptoms of pregnancy. Here are the six most common signs to check if your dog is pregnant. If you notice them, you might have a reason to visit a vet.

She Behaves Weirdly

Pregnant dogs usually seek more interaction and comfort from their owners. Your pet might become more attentive to you, tender, and kind. But also, she might want to be alone in silence.

Then she will seek isolation and will not want to be bothered. The dog might even exhibit signs of depression and get annoyed if you interact with her.

She is not very active

The change in hormones and increased weight will make your dog seem lazier than it usually is.

If you notice that she becomes exhausted faster, sleeps, and lays down more, it might be a signal that she is carrying puppies. Of course, this symptom is harder to notice if your pet is generally low-energy.

Then you can track her walking speed during walks - here GPS dog tracker can help you - a lot of GPS dog trackers track dogs walking speed. If she is a bit slower than usual, she might be pregnant.

She loved that kale she always hated

As well as humans, dogs can have changes in appetite during pregnancy - so check your automatic dog feeder and change settings if it needs. Early into the pregnancy, she might have a lower appetite or even vomit sometimes.

The dog can become insatiable and crave food round-the-clock. Also, your pet might begin disliking her favorite treats and switch to foods that she usually didn’t want to eat.

The appetite might change throughout the whole pregnancy because hormones change all the time.

Her Nipples Changed

The pregnancy causes the female dog’s nipple to grow and get a bit darker. It is a clear sign that your pet is carrying puppies. Even though some dogs might not have these changes until late in pregnancy, most of them will get their nipples growing larger.

It Seems Like She Gained Weight

The abdomen of a pregnant dog will become larger as puppies grow. It is the most definite sign that your pet is pregnant, especially if there are no other reasons for a sudden weight gain.

The enlarged abdomen is visible late into the pregnancy of the dog. Therefore, it is a strong argument to take her to the vet.

Your Dog is Trying to Build a Place for Puppies

Just like us, dogs think of their upcoming babies. And they want to make the world more comfortable for them. Of course, dogs have their vision of comfort.

That's why your pet might begin tearing apart her bed, creating some nest for puppies. Also, during this period, your dog might become easily irritated. So if you have kids, limit their interaction with your pet.

In comparison with humans, pregnancy of a dog is quite short – only 56-70 days. That’s why it is vital to take quick actions if you have even the slightest suspicion that your pet is carrying puppies.

You should take her to the doctor to make sure that the pregnancy and birth will be safe both for your dog and her puppies. The vet will give your pet a thorough examination and run an ultrasound scan and tell you what you should do.

In short, we believe the above was helpful on how to check if your dog is pregnant.